Sunday, February 28, 2016

Advanced Compose Email in INotes Client Android App

Using Advanced Compose Email, you will be able to send emails quickly. It will suggest email addresses as you type.

Initially it will import your address book. and after that it will automatically import new contacts as you go through your routine emails. You don't have to manipulate your address book manually.

When you send email to a new contact which is not in your address book, it will identify that and will be added to your address book. so next time it will be available in auto suggest list.

Here is how you can switch from html to advanced compose email.

This is how you can always make advanced compose enabled. so whenever you create new email or reply/replyto/forward existing email, it will automatically switch to advanced compose feature.

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  1. When configured email notifications, keep on warning invalid user credentials though entered correct us id and password